Hi there!

I'm a visual designer and developer currently based in Boston. I'm a born and bred lawn-guy-lander (Long Islander): home of Billy Joel and the BECKSP (bacon, egg, cheese, ketchup, salt & pepper). My interest in web design and coding began in middle school when I began fitzing around with the HTML terminal of my Tumblr blog. Now, I love to tackle projects that deal with interaction design and web development.

As a new face to the design world I hope to continue to develop my creative abilities and hope to one day become an example for what the Latina women can accomplish in tech. In the rare case that I’m not in a coffee shop spending hours programming organizing layers in illustrator, you can find me at any of Boston's local music venues listening to good tunes, making a huge mess with paints in my 300 soft apartment, or on a plane heading somewhere new.